I would recommend submitting your home page to the major search engines individually, at least initially. However, there are several services that do groups of them for you - and is a big time saver for the rest of your site. The following is one of my favorites: FreeWebSubmission.com. I have always deselected Google, though, since I submit to them manually through the Google website. I submit my web pages to the following search engines manually (without a special tool) just to ensure that it is done.

Submit to Google

Submit to Yahoo

Submit to MSN

You will need a Yahoo account to submit to the Yahoo search engine. And d ... Detalii... »

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AltaVista will accept free listings through its link


but it also has paid inclusion features. Generally, their crawler may visit every four weeks. Paid inclusion may be desirable if you have a new website or web pages or if you alter your web pages frequently, and you do not wish to wait until the next cycle of crawling. There is an "Express Paid” inclusion service of self-service type for up to 500 pages at a time. This service will enable weekly crawling. Their bulk program called "Trusted Feed” will enable the pages to be directly linked to their index. Pricing for "Trusted Feed” is on a cost-per-click model with a monthly minimum. In this program you can submit the Meta data, descriptions and keywords directly to the index. Nevertheless, the engine will check whether the destination page hasthe same Meta data o ... Detalii... »

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   This is a very good free Keyword Selector Tool:-
Not sure what search terms to bid on?
Enter a term related to your site and we will show you:
1.Related searches that include your term
2.How many times that term was searched on last month
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        Inktomi http://www.inktomi.com/ is a search engine that does not offer its search services through its own site, but through Partner sites – prominent ones being MSN Search, AOL Search, HotBot and others. Inktomi, through its crawler, creates three different indexes. "Best of the Web” index has around 110 million pages that it indexes on the web and considers high in link analysis. The next set of around 390 million pages is indexed as "Rest of the Web”, considered as lower in link analysis. The third index is of paid inclusion. It also offers specialized regional indexes as well as targeted news, multimedia and directory indexes. It avoids duplication of the same page in more than one index. Link crawling and paid inclusion are the two most effective ways to get covered by crawling. For bulk submissions to its paid program, it offers IndexConnect (for 1000 or more pages). Agai ... Detalii... »
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         Yahoo! offers a human-powered directory and offers its results to visitors. You can submit Url here http://submit.search.yahoo.com/free/request The directory is supplemented by a web page index created by crawling. The directory is an important channel in the area of search engine marketing. It is popular and is used extensively by people to locate sources of information. Moreover, the directory is a valuable boost to your site for crawling and ranking in other search engines, as the directory provides a high-quality link to your website. When a visitor is looking for information on relevant sites, she could either browse through the hierarchy of directories and subdirectoriesor search for an appropriate directory through a search interface. As your site can be listed in just one category, generally, the choice of category is an important step. Choose th ... Detalii... »
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You can submit your website to Google at the following URL: http://www.google.com/addurl.html Submitting your site will only make Google aware that your page exists; it is quite possible that your pages may get crawled even if you have not submitted. It is advisable to submit the home page and some inside pages. Inside pages are added to the submission, just in case the home page is found too slow to load or crawl. The pages that are submitted should link to the rest of the pages. Google indexes the full text that is visible on any page that it crawls. It generally does not index the metatags – keywords ordescriptions. When Google lists your page in the search results, the description that is displayed is the extract of text that is around the first line where the search word appears on the page. It may thus be a good idea to write a good description of the page and build it around the most likely search term(s ... Detalii... »
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Un script care facea m-ai demult toata promovarea site-ului :

Promovare web gratuita
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Acest script iti ofera posibilitatea de a te indexa in Google in 24 de ore !

Un nou Script automat exclusiv pentru PromovareSite.Do.Am este Website Submitter.

Website Submitter nu face alceva decat ca iti inscrie site-ul automat in 2523 de directore sau motoare de cautare printr-un simplu click.Totul se face automat!

Linku-l catre Website Submitter este:

WebSite Submitter
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Daca un site nu are nici un link spre paginile sale de pe o pagina indexata deja de Google , el NU va fi introdus in Google . Trebuie sa ai cel putin un link pentru a fi indexat .

Schimbul de linkuri cu alte site-uri este un proces ce necesita multa munca si cere foarte mult timp . Insa fara aceste linkuri nu vei avea un rank bun in motoarele de cautare deci vei avea mai putin trafic. Daca ai continut original , de calitate vei primi mai usor linkuri de la alte site-uri si astfel iti vei usura munca .

Factori de link ce alcatuiesc algoritmul

Acesti factori alcatuiesc acea parte din algoritmul care determina importanta unei pagini , parte care este dependenta de PageRank - cantitatea si puterea legaturilor care indica spre site-ul tau .

Introducere spre PageRank

Pe scurt , Pag ... Detalii... »
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De azi 10 August 2011 site-ul www.promovaresite.do.am va sta la dispozita dumneavoastra cu multe avantaje pentru diferite siteuri.

Avantajele constau in Promovarea Seo de care se ocupa siteul nostru si de Page Rankul in google.

Toate aceste avantaje sunt accesibile cu o simpla inscriere in directorul si prin a posta un anunt :
Adauga Site Adauga Anunt

Echipa www.promovaresite.do.am Va multumeste!
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